Guide to Make $50 a Day Using Social Media

Guide to Make $50 a Day Using Social Media

We are going to write down 3 funnels you can use to make upto $20,000 a month with social media marketing. This guide is quite useful for someone who is looking to make $50 a day as first target. It is very easy to make atleast $50-200 a day if you follow the steps in this guide carefully. We will keep the guide short and simple so you can easily start earning money within next 24 hours.

Instagram Theme Pages

I do affiliate marketing(from home) through Instagram theme pages and making over $11000 a month. Let me give you an example on how it works.

Step 1: Setup an Instagram theme page(lets say jewelry page where i would promote products related to jewelry). Upload upto 15 posts(related to your theme) on first day and try giving your page a nice look.

Step 2 (very important): Buy instagram followers from here to give social proof to your theme page and make it look genuine(I recommend anywhere between 2000-5000 followers).

Step 3: This step is the most important part of this guide and it takes some time to implement. It is basically increasing organic followers(the followers who would actually buy the product you are promotiing) through a strategy where I follow 100-150 accounts every day related to my instagram page theme(Around 30-40 of them follow back on an average every day). This growth strategy can be automated with bots, but i don't recommend using bots as instagram will block the follow/like actions when using any bot. So, I've employed a virtual assistant from India who manages these tasks for 20 of my theme pages for $150 a month.

Right now i operate over 18 theme pages, and each of them is generating around $150-200 a month.

When it comes to the affiliate network, i recommend amazon associates. You can join this program and start promoting thousands of offers immediately, and start making commissions. Other affiliate networks which you can join are,, 

In the digital age, Instagram has emerged not just as a platform for sharing moments but as a vibrant marketplace brimming with opportunities for those keen to harness its potential. Among these opportunities, Instagram theme pages stand out as a straightforward yet effective avenue for generating a steady income. With a strategic approach, making $50 per day through these pages is not just a dream but an attainable reality. Here's how to embark on this journey, distilled into humanized and simple steps.

The Essence of Instagram Theme Pages

At its core, an Instagram theme page focuses on a specific niche or interest, such as travel, food, pets, or fashion. These pages attract followers who share a common passion, creating a dedicated community. The magic of theme pages lies in their ability to engage and grow a targeted audience, making them ripe for monetization through various methods, including affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and merchandise sales.

Step 1: Finding Your Niche

The first step in your Instagram journey is selecting a niche that not only interests you but also has a broad appeal. Your niche should be something you're passionate about, as this will reflect in the quality of your content. Popular niches on Instagram include fitness, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. However, the key to success lies in narrowing down your niche to a specific focus that differentiates you from the competition.

Step 2: Creating Your Theme Page

Once you've identified your niche, it's time to create your Instagram theme page. Your page should have a catchy, niche-relevant name and a bio that clearly explains what followers can expect from your content. Initially, populate your page with 15 to 20 high-quality posts to give new visitors a taste of what your page offers. Consistency in your posting schedule and visual aesthetic is crucial to retaining and growing your audience.

Step 3: Growing Your Audience

Building a following is critical to monetizing your Instagram theme page. Start by engaging with other pages in your niche through likes, comments, and shares. This not only gets your name out there but also helps build a community around your page. Implementing hashtags strategically can also significantly increase your visibility to potential followers interested in your niche.

Step 4: Engaging Your Followers

Engagement is the currency of Instagram. The more you engage with your followers through comments, polls, and direct messages, the more invested they become in your page. This relationship is vital for when you begin monetizing your page, as engaged followers are more likely to trust your recommendations and make purchases through your affiliate links.

Step 5: Monetizing Your Page

With a solid follower base and high engagement levels, you're now ready to start making money from your Instagram theme page. Here are a few methods:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral. Join affiliate programs that align with your niche and start sharing curated products with your followers. Ensure to disclose affiliate links to maintain transparency with your audience.

Sponsored Posts

Once your page gains traction, brands may approach you for sponsored posts. These are posts where you're paid to promote a product or service. The key to successful sponsored posts is choosing promotions that resonate with your audience and feel like a natural extension of your content.

Selling Merchandise

If your theme page has a strong brand identity, consider creating and selling branded merchandise. This could range from t-shirts and mugs to digital products like ebooks or courses. This approach requires more upfront investment but can become a significant revenue stream over time.

Tips for Success

  • Quality Over Quantity: Always prioritize the quality of your content over the frequency of posts. High-quality, engaging content is more likely to be shared and can attract a wider audience.
  • Be Patient and Consistent: Building a profitable Instagram theme page doesn't happen overnight. It requires patience, consistency, and dedication.
  • Learn from Analytics: Use Instagram's analytics tools to understand what content resonates with your audience. Analyze your most successful posts and use these insights to inform your content strategy moving forward.

Closing Thoughts

Making $50 per day from an Instagram theme page is a realistic goal with the right strategy and effort. It starts with a passion for your niche and a commitment to providing value to your followers. As your page grows, so does your potential to monetize your content in various ways. Remember, the journey to building a profitable Instagram theme page is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay genuine, stay focused, and watch as your digital space transforms into a source of income and satisfaction.